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For 2023, TCBC will be offering two New Ride Leader Training classes via two 2 1/2 hour Zoom sessions for each class.   

This date, Tuesday, Feb. 21 is for Session A of Class I, and Session B of Class I is on Thursday, Feb. 23.  Pre-registration is required and will open in mid-January, 2022.

In addition, all TCBC Ride Leaders are required to attend the TCBC Ride Leader Forum via Zoom on Tuesday, April 11.

To qualify, we ask that you be a current TCBC member who has been active with the club for at least one summer biking season and that you agree to follow the rules and guidelines of TCBC.  Also, that you have a true desire to help make TCBC a welcoming organization that is focused on sharing the joys of bicycling with others and on promoting safe and responsible riding.  Lastly, you need to be fully accessible through email and telephone.

Please note that our ride leader training is specifically designed for TCBC and is not in any way a general leadership course.  Participants will learn about the structure and history of TCBC, its communication systems, its rules and guidelines, and how to schedule and lead fun and safe TCBC rides.

Register here: https://biketcbc.org/new-ride-leader-training/ 

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