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Sunrise at 7:10:53 AM Sunset at 6:53:50 PM

Mary Miller
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Long Lake Regional Park
1500 Old Highway 8
New Brighton, MN 55112

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We will meet at the original location at the West end of the parking lot by the adpavilion up on the hill. to your right about a mile in on the park road.. The wonderful facilities in the pavilion have now been replaced by a porta potty. Our ride briefing will be in the Southwest corner of the parking lot by where we park.

The original route will be essentially in place with some minor adjustments.  The roads are very good.  Hills are short and sweet for the most part, but we will still maintain an average speed of 12 mph to ensure everyone stays together.  There is one really sharp 180 degree corner that we will take very slowly going from the railroad bridge over 694 just south of Grass Lake down to CR E.  The major deviation from the old route starts here also, as we will go up the hill and by Lake Owasso rather than taking CR E, which also avoids all that construction mess on Lexington Ave.  We will take some of my favorite residential streets over to and around Lake Johanna which adds a few miles to the route, but makes it more interesting and scenic as well for a total of 25 miles, which may be added to over the season.  We will stop at the Taste of Scandanavia.  In any case, we will have fun and be safe.