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Sunrise at 5:35:00 AM Sunset at 9:01:56 PM

Craig Larson
Email Craig763-424-4223

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North Hennepin Community College, East Parking Lot
7411 85th Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

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This is the first ride I developed as a ride leader, way back before the days of RideWithGPS and the like (I actually rode using my bike computer and a notebook to keep track of turns, etc.). I rode this at least once last summer and people seemed to enjoy it.

From the east side parking lot, off of 85th Ave (just to the east of the 85th Ave/West Broadway intersection), look for my Black Honda CRV. There are no restrooms or water available on campus on weekends--the closest places would be either the Brooklyn Park branch of the Hennepin County Library (NE corner of 85th/W. Broadway) or Caribou Coffee (SW corner of 85th/W. Broadway). Please bring sufficient water and snacks for the ride, since our rest stops won't have food available (though they will have water). 

As your leader, I like to lead from the front, stopping to re-group at stoplights and so on. If you're familiar with the area, you're certainly free to ride on ahead at your own pace. I can assist with flat tires and dropped chains and other simple bike repairs. Anything much more complicated and we'll have to figure something out along the way.

From the east side parking lot, we'll head slightly north and east to Kentucky Ave N, and then head south to Candlewood Dr and continue to the east. Once we cross Zane Blvd (busy, with 2 lanes of traffic and a middle turn lane), we'll continue east on 80th Ave N to Regent. At Regent, we'll head north to a bike trail that parallels 85th Ave N and head east. This will bring us eventually to West River Road (after some neighborhood streets), at which point we'll head north to the Coon Rapids Dam area. Once we cross the dam to the east, we'll stop at the east side visitor center for our first rest break, before continuing southwards.

From there, we'll head south on a comination of trails and neighborhood streets, eventually working our way out onto East River Road. We'll head south, get onto a bike trail and cross the Highway 694 bridge, then circle around underneath and follow bike trails to our second stop at the Kroening Nature Center. Then we'll continue on bike trails along the Mississippi River south and west, where we'll hook up with the Shingle Creek bike trail and head north. The Shingle Creek trail brings us back into the Brooklyn Park area and we'll follow a combination of surface streets back to the ride start. The ride is approximately 30 miles in length.

There is an opportunity here for qualified ride leaders to pick up a co-lead credit--just let me know at the ride start. Cell at ride (612) 581-9915. If there is any doubt regarding weather, please feel free to give me a call at home.