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  • Shoreview to Tamarack 2202-25-2024 12:007 Registered

    02-22-2024 15:18
    02-25-2024 11:00
    C - Relaxed
    Sunrise at 6:56:03 AM Sunset at 5:55:07 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Lyle Koehler

    Get me there
    Shoreview Community Center
    4580 Victoria St N
    Shoreview, MN 55126

    This will be a mapless, stay-together ride at an average speed of around 11 mph. We'll start from the Shoreview Community Center and head northeast, with a rest stop at Tamarack Nature Center about 12 miles into the ride. Restrooms and water are available at the Nature Center -- bring whatever snacks you need to sustain you for 22 miles. The route is mostly on roads and unless there's another snowstorm between now and Sunday, we shouldn't be encountering any icy patches. The route link gives you the opportunity to preview the route, download it to your phone or GPS, or print your own map and cue sheet.

    Meet near the north end (near the entrance) of the upper parking lot for the Shoreview City Hall and Community Center. Please check for schedule changes or cancellations before leaving home, and call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053 with any questions.

  • Scandia02-25-2024 12:307 Registered

    02-24-2024 08:27
    02-25-2024 12:30
    B - Brisk
    Sunrise at 6:55:36 AM Sunset at 5:54:28 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Mary Derks
    Scott Larson

    Get me there
    Hugo City Hall parking lot
    14669 Fitzgerald Avenue North
    Hugo, MN 55038

    Water and bathrooms available at the pavilion at the ride start.  Enter from the far side, by the playground. 

    Enjoy the scenic, low-traffic roads of northern Washington County as we ride to Scandia along winding backroads.  The terrain is primarily gently rolling, with some fun ups and downs.  There will be a 'no pass the leader' warmup for the first few miles.  Rest stop at halfway point in Scandia.  Ride leaders will be on cross/gravel bikes and will average 14-15 mph.  All self-sufficient riders welcome.         

    Please pre-register for the ride, which will be available until ride start time.  It makes it easier for the ride leaders and ensures you get ride notifications and mileage credit :)

    Be sure to download the route onto your GPS bike computer or print a map and cue sheet.  No maps will be available at the ride start.

    You must be a TCBC member to ride, unless this is your first ride with the club in which case you can pre-register as a guest. 

  • TGIF-v.2-22-miles02-25-2024 14:001 Registered

    02-23-2024 10:03
    02-25-2024 13:00
    AB - Strenuous
    Sunrise at 6:55:59 AM Sunset at 5:55:02 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Andrei Lebedev

    Get me there
    100 Village Center Drive (North Oaks)
    100 Village Center Drive
    North Oaks, MN 55127

    Park in the north end of the lot.

    The area is mostly flat.  Bathrooms are available at the start at Coldwell Banker Burnet building. Road bikes.



  • 02-26-2024
    02-23-2024 22:20
    02-26-2024 08:30
    B - Brisk
    Sunrise at 6:55:12 AM Sunset at 5:57:38 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Mike Beadles

    Get me there
    Angel Food Bakery and Donut Bar
    8100 Minnetonka Blvd
    St Louis Park, MN 55426

    This route will be 64.5 miles, a Metric Century Plus!  Going to White Bear Lake and Back.

    First rest stop will be at mile 27 at the giant Snowman in North St Paul

    Second rest stop will be at mile 42 at a convenience store near Gramsie and Rice St.

    Other rest stops may be needed and considered as we ride along.

    I'm planning to ride a bike with 700x28mm tires.

    While the route will get you the complete 65 mile route,

    please know that there may be ad hoc changes (due to conditions, closures, etc),

    so it would definitely be best if the group stays together and accompanies the leader at the rated pace. 

  • SW-Metro-Ramble-#302-26-2024 10:302 Registered

    02-23-2024 17:51
    02-26-2024 09:30
    BC - Moderate
    Sunrise at 6:55:24 AM Sunset at 5:58:05 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    George Skinner

    Get me there
    Staring Lake Park
    14800 Pioneer Trail
    Eden Prairie, MN 55347

    The entrance to Staring Lake Park is on the north side of Pioneer Trail (Flying Cloud Airport is on the south side). As you enter the park, turn right into the east parking lot. Please park in the northeast corner of the lot, near the biffy. There are two electric vehicle charging stalls in the west parking lot, near the pavilion.

    31 mile loop, 98% paved. Park at Staring Lake Park (east parking lot), 14800 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie. Restrooms in shelter building by west parking lot. EV chargers are located in the west parking lot. Most trailside port-a-potties are not out yet. We will stop at stores as needed. Ride paved trails and a few residential streets to: the Bloomington Ferry Bridge; The Landing; Shakopee (break at Bittner's Bakery); Chaska; returning via the Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail and other paved bike paths or roads. Expect 12.5 mph average moving speed.

  • 15-Miles-and-a-Donut02-26-2024 11:303 Registered

    02-24-2024 12:04
    02-26-2024 10:30
    C - Relaxed
    Sunrise at 6:54:20 AM Sunset at 5:56:37 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Lyle Koehler

    Get me there
    Roseville Central Park
    2550 Lexington Ave N
    Roseville, MN 55113

    This is a ride I do on very windy days when it might be better to leave the bike at home and just go for the donut. But when it's this warm in February we can't pass up a chance to ride. We'll start from Roseville Central Park, head west to Langton Lake, then back past Lake Owasso and through Acorn Park to a rest stop at Dunkin Donuts on Rice Street. From there it's only three miles back to the Central Park trails and the finish. This is a mapless ride unless you want to print your own from the Ride With GPS link. Make sure you have plenty of printer paper because the cue sheet is almost longer than the route! Although there aren't any really tough hills, be prepared for lots of ups and downs. We'll probably average around 11 mph. Brave souls with good navigation skills are free to ride ahead at their own pace.

    Meet in the Roseville Central Park parking lot on Lexington Avenue between County B2 and County C. Portable toilet available at the start but bring your own water. Check the TCBC Forum or ride calendar for schedule changes or cancellations before leaving home, and call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053 with questions.

  • Top-Ten-Weather-Day-Ride02-26-2024 13:007 Registered

    02-22-2024 14:10
    02-26-2024 12:00
    B - Brisk
    Sunrise at 6:54:12 AM Sunset at 5:56:23 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Linda Johnson

    Get me there
    Sucker Lake Park, South Entrance
    49 County Road F East
    Vadnais Heights, MN 55126

    It looks like a Top Ten Weather Day coming up, so that means a bike ride.  I will use the Friday Metric 28 mile route, so all familiar roads and most are in pretty decent condition, but still be aware of pot holes or snow melt, if there's any left at this point.  I will start the route from the small Sucker Creek parking lot on Cty Road F east, just to the EAST of Rice Street on the NORTH side of county F  (if you miss the lot and reach Fairway Collision Center, you've gone too far), with a possible porta potty at the ride start.  This is an all road, suburban ride and most likely about all I can take on this non winter.  There is only 700 ft of elevation gain so relatively flat.  There is an optional  break/restroom at a Holiday station at mile 15,.

    I plan to use my road bike, but have no delusions, I will ride at a leisurely, lower "B" pace, 13-14 mph avg,.  Faster or slower riders are welcome to ride ahead or behind or ride your mountain bike for a more intense workout.  We'll try to stay together, for those that want to.  Of course the usual, if the forecast changes, the ride could be canceled  Any questions, feel free to text or call the ride leader.

  • Jimmys-and-Beyond---Vadnais-Heights02-26-2024 15:458 Registered

    02-22-2024 14:03
    02-26-2024 16:00
    AB - Strenuous
    Sunrise at 6:54:00 AM Sunset at 5:56:12 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Diane Ziemer

    Get me there
    Jimmy's Food & Drink
    1132 Co Rd E East
    Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

    Get out of work early!  The weather is looking to be spectacular as we take a late afternoon ride from Jimmy's in Vadnais Heights up to Hugo and spin around Bald Eagle Lake on our return. 

    The ride leader is planning to ride a social  "A/B" pace of about 15 to 16 mph average. So self sufficient "B" riders are welcome to join as well. 

    There is no planned rest stop as we need to finish before dark.  I would bring lights if you have them just in case of any mechanicals. I plan on riding my road bike.

    Following the ride if there is interest we can refuel at Jimmy's.   

    Rest rooms are available inside of Jimmy's at the ride start.  Plan on parking in the lot off of LaBore Road which is on the east side of Jimmy's.  

  • Park-to-Park---winter-version03-01-2024 10:001 Registered

    02-23-2024 22:48
    03-01-2024 09:00
    BC - Moderate
    Sunrise at 6:47:59 AM Sunset at 6:02:35 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Mike Beadles

    Get me there
    Kroening Interpretive Center, North Mississippi Regional Park
    4900 Mississippi Ct
    Minneapolis, MN 55430

    Some mapping programs may not show the correct starting location.

    The ride start is at the very EAST end of 49th Ave N at Kroening Park. 

    You'll know you're in the correct parking lot if there is a friendly-staffed building there - with restrooms and water. 

    Keeping the winter version of Park to Park ride going into the winter season (by using less trails, and more roads, to avoid the slipperiest of conditions of course)!

    This week, offering about a 40 mile ride route with the predicted high temperature of about 55!

    Again, as always, the RideWithGPS route posted is only a general suggestion, as I routinely change it up slightly when needed.

    Rest stop will be at a coffee shop about half-way - i.e. warm drinks, soup and/or sandwiches!

    This ride is a follow-the-leader keep-the-group-together at a pace that is acceptable to ALL that show.

    I will be riding a bike with 700x28mm tires

  • Half-Pancake-100k-Randonneur03-02-2024 08:00None Registered

    02-17-2024 20:28
    03-02-2024 07:00
    Sunrise at 6:46:16 AM Sunset at 6:03:56 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Norman Ehrentreich
    Rob Welsh

    Get me there
    Speedway Convenience Store
    6545 W River Rd
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55082

     Join us for our "Half a Pancake 101k", our monthly Winter Populaire. The route is somewhat similar to the well known Northern Pancake. It starts at the same location and heads north to East Bethel, the only stop at the turnaround at mile 30. The route is flat and features quiet roads through fields, forests, and some lakes.  

    Starting Location Instructions:

    Park on the North end of the TopGolf parking lot, next to the Speedway Gas Station (6545 W River Rd # 1, SW corner of HW252 & 66th Ave N.), the official start and ending location of the Pancake rides. To get to the parking lot, turn into Camden Ave N. from 66th Ave N.

    This ride is sponsored by Minnesota Randonneurs. Please go to MnRando.org for more details and to register.  There are membership requirements: you do need to be a Randonneurs USA member which covers ride insurance, collecting and managing RUSA ride statistics and randonneur award levels. You can sign up with RUSA at www.RUSA.org. Cost is $30 for 2024.  You can also join Minnesota Randonneurs for $25/year or pay a one day ride fee of $5.   

    Please note that this event is not a TCBC ride and although TCBC members can receive mileage credit for riding it, the ride is not covered by our LAB insurance. Minnesota Randonneurs, through Randonneurs USA,  has their own insurance policy coverage.

Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of Sunrise-Sunset.org