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  • Park to Park12-08-2023 11:0011 Registered

    12-03-2023 21:28
    12-08-2023 10:00
    BC - Moderate
    Sunrise at 7:36:35 AM Sunset at 4:33:14 PM

    Mike Beadles
    Email Mike612-839-5406
    Dennis Evans
    Email Dennis612-328-7835
    George Skinner
    Email George612-501-2837
    Craig Larson
    Email Craig763-424-4223
    Art Christofferson
    Laurie White
    Email Laurie612-325-8449
    Jean Bentley
    Email Jean651-269-0509
    Kathy Mulier
    Coleman Nemerov
    Rita Rowe

    Get me there
    Carl W Kroening Interpretive Center
    4900 Mississippi Ct
    Minneapolis, MN 55430

    Temperature (and discussion with those that show up at the ride start) will determine length for the ride.

    Generally if the temperature at ride start time is -

    - about 40 or above, then 40ish mile route - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41421473

    - about 30 to 40, then 32ish mile route - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/43182495

    - if below 30, then a 24ish mile route - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41538047

    As always though, the route will vary depending on conditions, so the route maps may not be exact each week.

    That's why it's a Follow-the-Leader ride, where we will keep the riders together that want to keep a BC pace, with an occaisional "All Here?" query and response.

    PARK TO PARK is a MAPLESS scenic social no-drop ride meandering usually clockwise from Minneapolis through Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Elm Creek and/or Fridley.

    The route posted may not be the exact route taken, the route taken is a stay-together, no passing the front leader route.


    • Kroening Nature Center parking lot.

    WEATHER is unlikely to cancel the ride, so if in doubt, please call or email the ride leader.

  • RESCHEDULED: McCullough 1912-08-2023 11:0010 Registered

    12-04-2023 09:45
    12-08-2023 10:00
    C - Relaxed
    Sunrise at 7:36:35 AM Sunset at 4:33:14 PM

    Lyle Koehler
    Email Lyle612-516-2053

    Get me there
    McCullough Park
    955 County Road I
    Shoreview, MN 55126

    This ride has been rescheduled because of snowy/icy trails. Let's hope things are much improved by Friday! This will be a mapless ride on a pretty flat route and we will probably average around 11 mph -- faster or slower depending on how everyone feels. It's likely to be windy but the route is fairly sheltered and does not have any long stretches into the wind. The Ride With GPS link provides a route preview. There should be a portable toilet at the start, and our rest stop will be about halfway through the ride at the Lino Lakes City Hall. Bring enough water and snacks to last you for 19 miles. 

    McCullough Park is on County Road I in Shoreview, between Lexington Avenue and Hodgson Road. Please check the TCBC Forum or ride calendar on Friday morning to make sure the ride is still on, and call or text Lyle at 612 516 2053 if you have questions.

  • Volunteer with Free Bikes 4 Kidz12-09-2023 08:002 Registered

    11-20-2023 17:48
    12-09-2023 07:00

    John Benda
    Email John651-269-9685

    Get me there
    Free Bikes 4 Kidz Warehouse
    260 Plymouth Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55411

    Join TCBC at a bike giveway for kids at their warehouse.  Many helpers are needed for various tasks.  It's so fun to see the look on kids faces as they select and try out a bike.  Come join us!  You will need to register here and again at the Free Bike 4 Kidz website using this link:  https://fb4kmn.org/2022-give-away-day-saturday-dec-10th/?VarCampaignID=701RP000003WLHJ


  • Battle Creek Trails12-09-2023 12:3015 Registered

    11-26-2023 09:07
    12-09-2023 11:30
    B - Brisk
    Sunrise at 7:37:31 AM Sunset at 4:33:10 PM

    Johnny Pugh
    Email Johnny651-485-0451

    Get me there
    11 Wells Spirits
    706 Minnehaha Ave E
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106

    11 Wells Spirits parking lot

    Social Gathering Before/After

    Battle Creek Trails

    This route starts at Saint Paul Brewing and goes through Swede Hollow and Indian Mounds on the way to the Battle Creek trails. We will ride through Battle Creek Park, Pig’s Eye Park, Phalen Park, Keller Park and Swede Hollow Park. Except for a short section of gravel in Pig’s Eye Park, the route will be on paved bike trails. Depending on weather conditions, studded tires may be necessary. This is a 24-mile route, but it can be easily shortened to 13 miles or 18 miles by cutting off certain loops.

    I will be riding at a social “B” effort and I will attempt to keep the group together. Anyone that wants to ride ahead at a faster pace is welcome to do so, but keep in mind, if you are uncertain which way to go, just stop and wait for the “B” group to catchup.  

    There is plenty of parking in the 11 Wells Spirits parking lot. The ride briefing will be at the Saint Paul Brewery entrance. Rest rooms will be available at the ride start, inside Saint Paul Brewing.

    After the ride, socializing, beer and food will be at Saint Paul Brewing. They have one of the most interesting and beautiful outdoor beer gardens but we may want to be inside because of the weather this time of year. The inside space is also very interesting!

  • Board of Directors Business Meeting12-11-2023 18:30None Registered

    12-11-2023 17:30
    12-11-2023 17:30

    Jean Hurlbert
    Richard Stardig
    Email Richard612-209-3355

    Get me there
    P.O. Box 131086
    Roseville, MN 55113

    Registration is not open

    Monthly Board of Directors Business Meeting held virtually on Zoom. 
    For questions contact the Twin Cities Bicycling Club President Dick Stardig at pres@biketcbc.org.

  • Hopkins and SLP Holiday Lights12-12-2023 17:30None Registered

    12-06-2023 22:15
    12-12-2023 16:30
    NB - Night Brisk
    Sunrise at 7:40:11 AM Sunset at 4:33:16 PM

    Mike Beadles
    Email Mike612-839-5406
    Charlie Caswell
    Email Charlie763-242-4562

    Get me there
    Angel Food Bakery and Donut Bar
    8100 Minnetonka Blvd
    St Louis Park, MN 55426

    Here's another chance to ride our traditional annual recurring Hopkins (and St Louis Park) Holiday Lights route (15 miles this time due to time constraints, a little shorter than the 21 miler we did just a week ago) ride that we have scheduled in past years at this time.

    The elves have been extra busy putting up it seems even more decorations than before. 

    Four to seven well-decorated houses are featured this year.

    We'll take the time to do a quick stop and look at each one to enjoy the fruits of the labors of the decorators.  They are each good fun.  

    Fifteen mile route will be starting at 5:30 pm, should finish back in the parking lot about 7:00 to meet personal time constraints.

Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of Sunrise-Sunset.org