2024 Ride CalendarExpanded View

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MonthStart Date/TimeRide TypeMilesRide Description (Click for Details)GPS LinkLocationNumber RegisteredRegistration
February02-25-2024 12:00C - Relaxed22 Shoreview-to-Tamarack-22RWGPS Shoreview Community Center - Shoreview7
February02-25-2024 12:30B - Brisk32 ScandiaRWGPS Hugo City Hall parking lot - Hugo7
February02-25-2024 14:00AB - Strenuous22 TGIF-v.2-22-milesRWGPS 100 Village Center Drive (North Oaks) - North Oaks1
February02-26-2024 10:30BC - Moderate31 SW-Metro-Ramble-#3RWGPS Staring Lake Park - Eden Prairie3
February02-26-2024 11:30C - Relaxed15 15-Miles-and-a-DonutRWGPS Roseville Central Park - Roseville3
February02-26-2024 13:00B - Brisk28 Top-Ten-Weather-Day-RideRWGPS Sucker Lake Park, South Entrance - Vadnais Heights7
February02-26-2024 15:45AB - Strenuous26 Jimmys-and-Beyond---Vadnais-HeightsRWGPS Jimmy's Food & Drink - Vadnais Heights8
March03-01-2024 10:00BC - Moderate40 Park-to-Park---winter-versionRWGPS Kroening Interpretive Center, North Mississippi Regional Park - Minneapolis1
March03-02-2024 08:00Outreach63 Half-Pancake-100k-Randonneur Speedway Convenience Store - Brooklyn CenterNone
March03-02-2024 08:00Outreach125 Northern-Pancake-200k-Randonneur Speedway Convenience Store - Brooklyn Center1
March03-04-2024 18:30SpecialNo Riding Board of Directors Business Meeting TCBC - RosevilleNoneRegistration is not open
March03-09-2024 08:00Outreach125 Northern Pancake 200k Randonneur Speedway Convenience Store - Brooklyn CenterNone
March03-09-2024 08:00Outreach63 Half Pancake 100k Randonneur Speedway Convenience Store - Brooklyn CenterNone