Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Ridden and Waiting as of 05/06/2021

These rides are in the past, but have not been cancelled or reported yet
Ride NameRide TypeRide DateScheduled Leader(s)Actions
Loretto LoopAB - Strenuous05/06/2021 18:00
David Levitt
Les MisB - Brisk05/06/2021 10:00
Michael Kubes
Thursdays on the CannonB - Brisk05/06/2021 08:30
Warren Samuelson
George Blank
Clint Fritter
Catherine Fritter
Tuesday TrekAB - Strenuous05/04/2021 18:00
David Levitt
Dave Volenec
Bruce Siegfried
Peter Rue
Loren Stark
Tuesday Tuneup 2.0AB - Strenuous05/04/2021 10:00
Jim Angle
Dennis Evans
Katie Angle
City Slickers 200kOutreach05/01/2021 08:00
Rob Welsh
Tortoise Ride 30 -SOLOSelf Paced04/28/2021 00:05
Pete May
SOLO Ride-The Whole EnchiladaSelf Paced04/28/2021 00:05
Mary Derks