Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Ridden and Waiting as of 10/18/2021

These rides are in the past, but have not been cancelled or reported yet
Ride NameRide TypeRide DateScheduled Leader(s)Actions
Monday Night LitesNB - Night Brisk10/18/2021 18:00
Tom Hewes
Michelle Westberg
Como Dock & PaddleAB - Strenuous10/18/2021 16:45
Scott Larson
Mary Derks
North Loop ScrambleB - Brisk10/18/2021 13:00
Edward Eroe
Tim Rand
Unmapped Brewery RideB - Brisk10/18/2021 12:30
Susan Evan
Pink Express 10:30 StartB - Brisk10/18/2021 10:30
Loren Stark
Island Lake to Keller LakeC - Relaxed10/18/2021 10:30
Lyle Koehler
Back to the Box (Long) 67 - ChamplinAB - Strenuous10/18/2021 09:00
Chuck Ryan
Adventures from InvictusB - Brisk10/17/2021 12:30
Bonnie Shoebottom
Randonneur - Mini Twin Cities TourOutreach10/16/2021 08:00
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Randonneur - Shakopee Gravel Adventure 100kOutreach10/09/2021 08:00
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Randonneur - Hills of WisconsinOutreach09/25/2021 07:00
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich
Ye Olde Brewery Ride (Stillwater)AB - Strenuous09/15/2021 17:30
Jarrod Elston
Kasey Kramer
Randonneur - 100th Anniversary RideOutreach09/11/2021 07:00
Rob Welsh
Norman Ehrentreich