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The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 10-18-2021

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
Excelsior ExpressoB - Brisk10-17-2021510-17-2021
Ride Across the Border Thru HoultonAB - Strenuous10-17-20212910-17-2021
Sunday Spin VariantBC - Moderate10-17-2021810-17-2021
Little Big MarineC - Relaxed10-17-2021610-17-2021
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls October LoopAB - Strenuous10-17-2021710-17-2021
BIG MARINE AND BEYONDBC - Moderate10-17-20211410-18-2021
The Market Loop - Bloomington BluffsB - Brisk10-16-20212510-16-2021
Como-Minnehaha River RideC - Relaxed10-16-20211410-16-2021
Riding From St. Louis ParkB - Brisk10-16-2021810-16-2021
Coon Rapids Dam to Bruegger's BagelsBC - Moderate10-15-20211010-15-2021
Groveland Tap RideB - Brisk10-15-20211310-15-2021
PARK TO PARKBC - Moderate10-15-2021710-15-2021
The Former TK's Coffee RideB - Brisk10-14-2021910-14-2021
Fox and ShadowC - Relaxed10-14-20211410-14-2021
Mahtomedi Gravel Grinder Night RideNB - Night Brisk10-14-20211210-14-2021
Lift Bridge Brewery RideAB - Strenuous10-14-2021910-17-2021
Sand Plains Elements & Minerals - ChamplinAB - Strenuous10-14-2021210-14-2021
Les MisB - Brisk10-14-20211210-17-2021
Como Dock & PaddleAB - Strenuous10-13-20211110-14-2021
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)BC - Moderate10-13-2021310-13-2021
INTO WASHINGTON COUNTYBC - Moderate10-12-20211310-12-2021
Gateway ExpressAB - Strenuous10-12-2021510-12-2021
Station North Park to Hans Bakery and Rum RiverBC - Moderate10-12-20211510-12-2021
Bonus Metric (St Louis Park)AB - Strenuous10-12-2021210-12-2021
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)AB - Strenuous10-12-20212110-12-2021
Tuesday Tuneup 2.0AB - Strenuous10-12-20212310-13-2021
Pink Express 10:30 StartB - Brisk10-11-2021710-12-2021
North by North St PaulC - Relaxed10-11-2021410-11-2021
Kodiak KruzeB - Brisk10-11-2021410-11-2021
Coffee Corner Zimmerman - ChamplinAB - Strenuous10-11-2021910-11-2021
Rosetown American Legion Night Ride - RosevilleNAB - Night Strenuous10-11-20211810-12-2021
Alpine Park to Twin LakesBC - Moderate10-11-2021410-11-2021
Pre-Halloween Ride 29 Mile BB - Brisk10-10-20211110-10-2021
Sunday SpinBC - Moderate10-10-2021610-10-2021
Pre-Halloween Ride 29 Mile BB - Brisk10-10-2021010-13-2021
Wisconsin Hills Menomonie With CookoutB - Brisk10-10-20211710-10-2021
Outreach Ride: Mankato River RambleOutreach10-10-20211710-12-2021
Bru House Coffee North - ChamplinAB - Strenuous10-10-2021510-10-2021
Sunrise SolitudeAB - Strenuous10-10-2021210-11-2021
St. Croix Crossing..."WI Backroads East 74" - StillwaterAB - Strenuous10-09-2021910-09-2021
WASHINGTON COUNTY TOURBC - Moderate10-09-20211410-09-2021
Sakatah Singing Hills Trail C - Relaxed10-09-20211310-10-2021
WingnutAB - Strenuous10-09-20211110-09-2021
Cafe` Ride - Stillwater to Osceola Fall ColorsAB - Strenuous10-09-20211310-09-2021
Friday MetricAB - Strenuous10-08-2021810-08-2021
PARK TO PARKBC - Moderate10-08-20211310-08-2021
Friday Night Lights OakdaleNAB - Night Strenuous10-08-20211310-09-2021
Lions Park to Sunrise LakeBC - Moderate10-08-2021610-08-2021
Les MisB - Brisk10-07-2021910-10-2021
PINE TREE TO HUGOBC - Moderate10-07-2021510-07-2021