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The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 05-06-2021

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
Picnic at Pine Point C - Relaxed05-05-2021505-05-2021
Hugo Moose AdventureAB - Strenuous05-05-2021605-05-2021
Champlin Mid Morning RambleC - Relaxed05-05-20211105-05-2021
Cruising from ComoB - Brisk05-04-2021705-04-2021
Unmapped Brewery RideB - Brisk05-04-2021605-04-2021
FREE TUESDAY!BC - Moderate05-04-20211405-04-2021
Snail and Turtle RideC - Relaxed05-03-20211005-03-2021
Mainstreet Monday AB - Strenuous05-03-20211805-05-2021
New Rolling Brook - HudsonAB - Strenuous05-02-2021205-02-2021
Sunday SpinBC - Moderate05-02-2021705-02-2021
Coon Rapids Dam from Erik'sAB - Strenuous05-02-20211205-02-2021
The Former TK's Coffee RideB - Brisk05-01-20212305-01-2021
Autumn Grove Park to Lake PhalenC - Relaxed05-01-20211605-01-2021
Rubys Cafe` RideAB - Strenuous05-01-20212005-02-2021
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls SouthAB - Strenuous05-01-2021605-02-2021
Wisconsin Backroads...Hudson 70AB - Strenuous05-01-2021505-01-2021
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway LoopSelf Paced04-28-2021805-02-2021
SOLO Ride – River to River GreenwaySelf Paced04-28-2021205-02-2021
Excelsior Expresso-SOLO 37/31Self Paced04-28-2021705-02-2021
Pho Scramble - SOLO RideSelf Paced04-28-2021404-30-2021
SOLO Ride - Bloomington BluffsSelf Paced04-25-2021505-02-2021
SOLO Ride -Little Canada and Rice Creek TrailsSelf Paced04-25-2021705-02-2021
SOLO Ride - Ride Across the Border 37Self Paced04-21-2021804-28-2021
Solo-Bald Eagle BeautySelf Paced04-21-2021704-28-2021
SOLO - Wheeling WheelockSelf Paced04-21-2021704-29-2021
Pho Scramble - SOLO RideSelf Paced04-21-2021504-29-2021
SOLO Ride-The Whole EnchiladaSelf Paced04-21-2021804-28-2021
In & Out of St Louis Park - SOLOSelf Paced04-21-2021604-29-2021
Dunn Bros Warmup - Solo 25Self Paced04-21-2021404-29-2021
SOLO Ride – River to River GreenwaySelf Paced04-21-2021304-28-2021
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway LoopSelf Paced04-21-2021505-02-2021
Excelsior Expresso-SOLO 37/31Self Paced04-21-2021505-02-2021
Blackwater Coffee 39 - SoloSelf Paced04-21-2021404-29-2021
SOLO Ride - DZ's Lakewood to WillernieSelf Paced04-18-2021904-25-2021
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 32Self Paced04-18-2021304-25-2021
TK's Lilydale SOLO 30 Self Paced04-18-2021904-25-2021
SOLO Ride - Bloomington BluffsSelf Paced04-18-2021204-25-2021
SOLO Ride -Little Canada and Rice Creek TrailsSelf Paced04-18-2021404-25-2021
SOLO Ride-The Whole EnchiladaSelf Paced04-14-2021804-30-2021
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway LoopSelf Paced04-14-2021804-25-2021
Pho Scramble - SOLO RideSelf Paced04-14-2021504-20-2021
SOLO - Wheeling WheelockSelf Paced04-14-2021704-21-2021
Tuesday Tuneup Var 31 - SOLOSelf Paced04-14-2021504-22-2021
SOLO Ride – River to River GreenwaySelf Paced04-14-2021604-24-2021
Solo-Bald Eagle BeautySelf Paced04-11-20211104-20-2021
SOLO Ride -Little Canada and Rice Creek TrailsSelf Paced04-11-2021504-18-2021
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 32Self Paced04-11-2021904-18-2021
TK's Lilydale SOLO 30 Self Paced04-11-20211004-18-2021
SOLO Ride - Bloomington BluffsSelf Paced04-11-2021304-25-2021
Tuesdays Tuneup 31 Var - SOLOSelf Paced04-11-2021504-18-2021