Twin Cities Bicycling Club


2021 Ride CalendarExpanded View

Online ride registration is now available - you must still attend the ride briefing and check in at the ride start for insurance and mileage credit.

MonthStart Date/TimeRide TypeMilesRide Description (Click for Details)GPS LinkLocationNumber RegisteredRegistration
October10-18-2021 09:00AB - Strenuous67 Back to the Box (Long) 67 - ChamplinRWGPS Highpointe Park - Champlin8Registration is not open
October10-18-2021 10:30B - Brisk32 Pink Express 10:30 StartRWGPS Roseville Ice Area (Northeast Parking Lot off Woodhill Dr). - Roseville5Registration is not open
October10-18-2021 10:30C - Relaxed24 Island Lake to Keller LakeRWGPS Island Lake Park (Shoreview) - Shoreview9Registration is not open
October10-18-2021 12:30B - Brisk32 Unmapped Brewery RideRWGPS Unmapped Brewing Co. - Minnetonka7
October10-18-2021 13:00B - Brisk70 North Loop Scramble Corner Coffee - MinneapolisNone
October10-18-2021 16:45AB - Strenuous20 Como Dock & Paddle Como Park - SAINT PAUL8
October10-18-2021 18:00NB - Night Brisk15 Monday Night Lites Station Pizza - MinnetonkaNone
October10-19-2021 10:00AB - Strenuous40 Tuesday Tuneup 2.0RWGPS Minnetonka Ice Arena - Minnetonka5
October10-19-2021 10:00AB - Strenuous30 Gateway ExpressRWGPS Maplewood Community Center - St. PaulNone
October10-19-2021 10:00BC - Moderate24 Station North Park to Hans Bakery and Rum RiverRWGPS Andover Station North - Andover3
October10-19-2021 10:30BC - Moderate34 PARK TO PARK EAST-LESS GATEWAY Oakdale Nature Preserve - Oakdale2
October10-19-2021 10:30C - Relaxed30 Coon Rapids Dam to Elm CreekRWGPS Coon Rapids Dam Park, West Side Parking Lot - Brooklyn Park2
October10-19-2021 16:30AB - Strenuous28 Acapulco Ride (Stillwater) Valley Ridge Mall (Stillwater) - Stillwater2
October10-20-2021 07:30BC - Moderate15 Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park) Erik's (St. Louis Park) - St Louis Park1
October10-20-2021 09:30AB - Strenuous64 Bonus Metric (St Louis Park) CANCELLEDRWGPS Erik's (St. Louis Park) - St Louis ParkNoneRegistration is not open
October10-20-2021 10:00C - Relaxed25 Champlin Mid Morning Ramble Trailhead Cycle and Fitness (Champlin) - ChamplinNone
October10-21-2021 10:00BC - Moderate25 Alpine Park to Twin LakesRWGPS Alpine Park - Ramsey2
October10-21-2021 16:30AB - Strenuous24 Lift Bridge Brewery Ride Lift Bridge Brewery (Stillwater) - Stillwater1
October10-22-2021 10:00BC - Moderate40 PARK TO PARK Kroening Interpretive Center, North Mississippi Regional Park - Minneapolis1
October10-26-2021 10:00AB - Strenuous40 Tuesday Tuneup 2.0RWGPS Minnetonka Ice Arena - MinnetonkaNone
October10-27-2021 10:00C - Relaxed25 Champlin Mid Morning Ramble Trailhead Cycle and Fitness (Champlin) - ChamplinNone
October10-30-2021 11:00C - Relaxed18 Halloween Ride 18-Mile CRWGPS Como Park Picnic Shelter - Como Park3
October10-30-2021 11:00B - Brisk24 Halloween Ride 24 Mile B Como Park Picnic Shelter - Como Park5
October10-30-2021 11:00BC - Moderate18 Halloween Ride 18-Mile BCRWGPS Como Park Picnic Shelter - Como Park1
October10-31-2021 13:00MBB - Mountain Moderate15 Haunted Forest Singletrack Ride (Bethel) Bethel Haunted Forest - East Bethel1